As you have seen on the world wide web SimBin has been running a recruitment campaign. We used our site, our blog, well known game related sites and other usual suspects! We swamped our own Facebook and we tweeted it around the globe!

With our tight little group we are working on redefining the sim racing concept, although passionate about what we do we need new blood to enter our team! Yet with all the recent efforts we have not found the people we were looking for, so we are kicking it up a notch and what better way to do it to ask help from our fans.

Dead centre in the middle of Sweden just below Europe’s largest lake, is an idyllic place called Lidköping, a city not particularly famous for its wild nightlife and famous attractions.

We fear that the remoteness of the place and the uniqueness of our team may scare away people from applying to our vacancies. Which is why we want to take this chance and make our case for anyone who might be considering to join us.

So here it goes!

While small and somewhat remote, Lidköping does have a lot to offer. It is a very bohemian city situated right on the shores of Lake Vänern, tucked with quiet cobblestone streets, fancy shops and restaurants and almost unlimited exploration options for nature lovers. While it may not show it, it is a booming city in terms of economy and you can see the effort that is being put in by the municipality to make it a truly welcoming and fertile place of business. But it also offers many of the benefits only smaller towns can offer: its easy to find a nice place to rent, the rental prices are considerably smaller compared to Stockholm or Malmö, you can never live too far away from work and you almost never spend your time in a queue at the supermarket. If you don’t want to spend your free time in the nature, you can choose between several tourist attractions quite nearby, out of which the most famous is Läckö Slott, whose beginnings date back as far as 1298.

Alternatively, you can spend an interesting night in one of the clubs nearby, or you can even visit Gothenburg, which you can reach by car in less than 2 hours. Or, for those who love the speed, you can go Karting right in the city or go speeding on the nearby Kinnekulle Ring raceway.

As for the bunch of us at SimBin, we are a family by all possible definitions in the world. We very often spend our free time together and, of course, when the weather allows we frequently go Karting, to Kinnekulle Ring or to see any race that’s happening nearby. We also have the Lidköping RaceRoom right near our offices, and we are passing through it and the associated bar every day when we are at work. We race almost every day, to test our upcoming game but also to have fun – and it is indeed very nice when both work and fun come together as one. In the evenings, we often stop by for a beer and a short race.

We don’t want to kid you: while our work is deeply connected with our passion for racing and games, the road ahead SimBin is challenging. We have much to say about what we are building now, but unfortunately cannot yet disclose it publicly. All we can say is that its bigger, bolder and more beautiful than what we’ve ever done, and that every day we try to take one step ahead towards what we hope to offer soon to every person who likes speed. We have made a big promise to ourselves, and standing by to it every day is our challenge.

This translates into a very agile development process that now starts to be split into weekly releases awaited by the whole team. We’ve reached the point when we can see it all come together, but anyone who has the slightest idea of what it takes to make a game, know that this is the precise moment when the workload and stress start to be quite high. Fortunately, not because we need to satisfy the wishes of a publisher, but because we are all aware and want to deliver the next chapter in sim racing that the world is waiting for.

So we are desperately searching for help, and in particular for a C++ Game Developer and a Build Engineer. We just have these titles now, but what we really search for – and offer – is 2 more members of our family, willing to take the extra mile with us and make this sacred promise come true. And because we need this help fast, we sadly can only accept candidates who have the right to live and work in Sweden, meaning, you have to be an EU citizen. If you are an EU citizen and if you fit our family, you can start working immediately. And since we know very well that moving is not such a fast thing to do, we are ready to make things as easy as possible for you: we have a company apartment to host you until you can find accommodation, we have people who can help with the paperwork, we are there to show you around and help you settle in. Many of us are not from Sweden and therefore passed through the entire moving process together with our families, so we really know how to help!

So if you can “talk” code or know someone who does, contact us. The ones who will join us will not only help shape the next best racing experience, but also SimBin itself as a company who tries to grow and learn and shape itself based on the team’s needs and aspirations. And if you have questions or want to know more about anything SimBin, just ask on the forum and we will answer!

A list of current openings can be found here.


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