We are proud to have McLaren in our current games. It is the first time in our almost 10 year history that we have had official McLaren’s in our game! After the announcement of the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 it is time for car number 2! Sticking with just one car would be a real shame!

Today we are happy to show you the 2nd car of our McLaren license. In the (very) near future you will be able to race  the McLaren-Mercedes SLR 722GT in RaceRoom Racing Experience!

The McLaren-Mercedes SLR is a jointly developed super car by Woking based,  Mclaren and German manufacturer,  Mercedes. Released in 2003 and manufactured until late 2007.  The SLR badge stands for the German  “Sport Leicht Rennsport” which means sport light racing.

The SLR 722 GT edition is a one off race car. Almost 400 Kg’s lighter then its road going counterpart!

Powered by an almost stock engine it produces a strong 670 BHP.

The  SLR 722GT is even wider then its already wide road going version. This to house the massive wheels and tires, and some big gaps have been created to give this car some fresh air to run.

It may look like the roadversion, but the SLR 722GT’s bodyshell is completely made of carbon fibre. And soon you will be able to give this car a run for its money in R3E

Jay Ekkel


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