Since the beginning, we have been receiving support from the most dedicated members of our community who generously offered a significant amount of their time to help spotting issues in our titles, for the benefit of everyone.  For our projects currently in development, we need to make that team even bigger ! With the new rendering techniques and new code logics that the developers have achieved, the beta phase is going to be more crucial than ever. And it’s not only about big titles, we do also have side-projects that need attention.


Now, although video game testing can sound fun and satisfy an understandable curiosity to see and play the game before anyone else, we are looking for responsible candidates who are able to go past that and are ready to perform tests that are very far from actual gameplay. It can be about trying to hit every single wall around a track, or to damage the gearbox of a given list of cars, but also using the game in ways that are far from personal likings (i.e.: driving in chase cam, or using various driving aids)

What skills does SimBin look for?

Required Skills:
- A keen eye for detail
- Good organisational skills
- Strong written communication skills in the english language
- Basic software troubleshooting skills
- Good at following instructions

We highly value out-of-ordinary PC hardware components but also running Windows XP or Vista can be viewed as an advantage.

If you are looking for an opportunity to contribute to our projects and collaborate with one of the best development teams in the racing game world then please apply to the position by sending us an email with a few words about yourself and a full description of your current gaming hardware !

( click the button above to open your default e-mail software or send your application to : . Make sure to have “Betatester” as subject.)


Be advised, though: bugs in beta-phase won't be as easy to spot as the ones visible on these two captures taken from early alpha builds...


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